Do this in remembrance of me

In loving obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus, the universal Church has — for two millennia — continually celebrated what the Eastern Church knows as the Divine Liturgy and the Western Church knows as the  Mass.

Accordingly, gathering for the Mass is the central act of worship at the Church of the Ascension and Saint Agnes.

High Mass, the norm of western catholic thanksgiving and worship, is celebrated on Sundays and other holy days with three sacred ministers, incense, and a full complement of servers, cantor, choir, and organ. The choir offers Mass settings from the rich and varied canon of western liturgical music. Low Masses are celebrated seven days a week throughout the year.

IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR with the the Mass, please keep in mind that eucharistic worship is not a private matter. It is necessarily and intentionally corporate. We gather not as a collection of unrelated, more-or-less pious individuals engaged merely in our own private prayer, but as the Church united—in unum amor Christi—across generations, ethnicities, nationalities, social classes, political ideologies, and across the millennia as members of the Body of Christ. We gather with one another around our bishop, or the priest to whom our bishop has delegated liturgical authority as celebrant, to make our united corporate prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God, not only “for all the benefits He has done unto us” but for the ineffable love that is God Himself —our most courteous Lord, who gently leads us and repeatedly calls us back to Himself.

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